The series

Since its foundation in 2009, the philosophy/aesthetics publisher Zer0 Books has injected wit, wisdom, and energy into an otherwise moribund intellectual scene. Putting a stamp on the early 2010s, a series of provocative, ebullient texts (by writers such as Mark Fisher, Owen Hatherley, Nina Power, and Carl Neville) have bypassed a staid publishing industry to bring fresh, radical ideas to a popular readership.
While liberal Britain has become increasingly inured, lifestyle-obsessed, and forgiving of the excesses of neoliberalism, Zer0 has helped to reinstate an empowered critical avant-garde. The Zer0 model has provided a new blueprint for cultural and theoretical writing, one that exposes the hermeticism, careerism, and sheer sterility of much modern academic discourse.
The 2011-12 Zer0 Lecture Series at Oxford aims to provide a forum for the dissemination and debate of forthcoming or recently published Zer0 texts. Taken together, the six sessions represent a summary of the full range of cultural writing in the UK at the start of the new decade: from the philosophy of video games, to the failures of 19th century architecture; from the class politics of the band Pulp, to future possibilities in avant-garde music making; from the ethics of sexual exhibitionism to the shortcomings of the BBC and the Guardian newspaper.
Lectures will take place in Room 2 at the Taylorian Institute in weeks 2 and 6, at 5.30pm on Tuesday evenings, and will be followed by a Q&A session.
The provisional line-up is as follows:
Michaelmas Term
Tuesday 18th October (wk 2): Chris Bateman, author of Imaginary Games.
Tuesday 15th November (wk 6): Owen Hatherley, author of Uncommon.
Hilary Term
Tuesday 24th January (wk 2): Adam Harper, author of Infinite Music.
Tuesday 28th February (wk 7): Douglas Murphy, author of The Architecture of Failure.
Trinity Term
Tuesday 1st May (wk 2): Kate Gould, author of Exposing Phallacy (due to come out in 2012).
Tuesday 29th May (wk 6): Stephen Harper, author of Beyond the Left.
Further information about these texts can be found on the Zero Books website.
Karen Zouaoui and Alex Niven

4 responses to “The series

  1. Matt ⋅

    Are these talks open to the general public? Thanks.

  2. John Gaunt ⋅

    Is Stephen Harper’s lecture on course for the 29th of May, and are these still open to members of the public? Many thanks. John

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